Asian Rejuvenation Wellness - Biography - Davenport, IA
Asian Rejuvenation - A Holistic Approach to Healing

Julia Schmidt

Licensed Massage  Therapist  and 
Yoga Instructor

Your dreams feed your  goals, and your goals feel your                  destiny...

          -Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
 Current city: 

         -Davenport, Iowa
        - National University of Mongolia
                          Master in Philology- 1998
         - Capri College
                          Massage Therapist- 2010

        - Certified Yoga Instructor, RYT 200hr - 2016

        -Owner  "Asian   Rejuvenation" since 2010
            A Massage Therapist's Poem
 Let me dedicate my life today
            to those who come my way,
 Touching each with a healing hand
       and the gentle art for which I stand,
 And then tonight when the day is done,
 Let me rest in peace
              if I have helped just one.
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